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Don’t forget your customers…especially at Christmas!


If there is one thing that is true about business, it is that loyal customers are highly important. Especially at the beginning of a new venture, to get your business off of the ground some regulars are essential. Also when your business is doing better, make sure you do not forget about the faithful customers from the very beginning. Giving them something during the festive season is a nice way to make them feel remembered. Not only may it bring you extra business, but it will remind your customers why they backed you in the first place.

When it comes to presents, whether it is for Christmas or any other special occasion, don’t go with the usual (and unmemorable) hamper / wine gifts, why not get your clients something a little more unusual? Or something personal, if you know their hobbies or family sufficiently well to be able to pick out something suitable. Here are a few ideas:

We know that researching and arranging gifts takes up valuable time, so let us do it for you. This is just another task that our virtual PA’s can pick up here at LR Business Services.