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Why keep in touch using e-newsletters? 0

We all need to keep in touch with our customers and clients, so what better way than to send out newsletters via email.  A way of introducing new products or services, informing us of upcoming events or offers, or just sharing news and reminders.  After a period of being unfashionable, E-newsletters are now thought to […]

Invoicing and making sure you get paid 0

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to pay a supplier’s invoice on behalf of one of our clients. The problems started as their invoice does not include payment details for a bank transfer. So I called them to request these details, the lady who answered the phone said she didn’t know but […]

Don’t forget your customers…especially at Christmas! 0

If there is one thing that is true about business, it is that loyal customers are highly important. Especially at the beginning of a new venture, to get your business off of the ground some regulars are essential. Also when your business is doing better, make sure you do not forget about the faithful customers […]

Answering a business call properly – the how’s and why’s 0

Answering the telephone is a daily routine we may take for granted, but are you doing it properly?  Very often you are the first point of contact for your business and first impressions count.  How long should the phone ring?  What should you say when you answer?  Can you put the caller on hold?  These […]

How can trainers benefit from virtual assistant support 0

Many trainers have little enough time on their hands to plan and deliver their lessons/training sessions, never mind keeping up with all the administration needed to ensure the smooth running of their courses. The needs of trainers in many different disciplines is generally very similar; whether providing classes on a by term basis (for example […]

Touch typing is not only much faster, but will also reduce your stress! 0

Kids these days will be able to touch type before they reach their teens. Technology has been part of their daily life for as long as they can remember. However, for a lot of ‘older’ people (i.e. anyone over 30!) typing doesn’t come naturally. This means that a lot of people are still pecking away […]

Nine ways that a virtual personal assistant can help boost your business 0

There are many essential tasks associated with running a business, but some of these distract from working on the bottom-line, or are in areas where you don’t have the necessary skills. As a manager or owner, do you need to be working on the admin, or concentrating on building your business? If you are spending […]

Be among the first to update your PayPal logo 0

Did you know that PayPal recently released a new logo, to bring their look more up-to-date, and fit better on mobile screens? This is now their face for the world, and gives you the option to stand-out from other businesses, by being an early adopter. If you use the PayPal logo on your website and […]

We are exhibiting at the Richmond expo 2014 on 6th June 0

Come and visit us on stand 16 where you will meet Olivia and Katrin. Enter our prize draw where the winner gets £250 worth of virtual PA services. Plus we will have details about our: new social media packages, a podcast recording and uploading service, and a special offer for the exhibition for organising a children’s party. […]

How much does a permanent employee actually cost? 1

When deciding to hire an individual into a new permanent role, you need to consider all the costs involved. These are often estimated at being between 40% and 100% on top of an individual’s base salary. The massive variance in the figures is not helpful to employers in aiding their decision making process! So here […]