Nine ways that a virtual personal assistant can help boost your business

There are many essential tasks associated with running a business, but some of these distract from working on the bottom-line, or are in areas where you don’t have the necessary skills. As a manager or owner, do you need to be working on the admin, or concentrating on building your business?

If you are spending time where you can ill-afford it, it is worth considering delegating this to a virtual personal assistant. If any of the tasks below, are getting in your way, or you have other areas where you think your time could be better spent, then you should look to delegate and give yourself more time for your priorities.

1             Social media is pretty much a requirement these days. We can help you decide on a policy, and run it for you. We will also co-ordinate this with your website.

2             Do you have a regular email newsletter that you send to clients and prospects? We can do the legwork associated with this.

3             Does your CRM system earn its keep? We can help keep it up-to-date, and provide schedules to keep you ‘front of mind’ with your clients.

4             If you have a lot of travelling and meetings to organise, we can help with bookings and reminders, and even sort out your expenses.

5             Do you need help with keeping your accounts in order, and maybe chasing and paying invoices? We can make sure everything is kept ready for the accountants.

6             We can help you with presentations – putting them together for you, or checking them and rehearsing with you.

7             We have excellent project management skills, and can manage anything from small to complex tasks or products. Maybe your office needs decorating or you are moving, or you have an exhibition or conference coming-up, and you need someone to oversee the details.

8             Do you know how important networking is, but don’t know how to begin, or don’t make the most of your opportunities? Let us know what you want to do, and we will advise on the best options for you.

9             Outside of work, we can help with managing elements around your household, such as moving, babysitting, parties, car servicing, pets, holidays, and many other day-to-day worries. We can also manage properties for you, if you are renting-out, or need to be away for a while.

Now it’s your turn! Is there anything else that stops you being productive, and where you feel some external help would make your life a lot easier?

Get in touch and we will come and discuss how we can make your life simpler.